Can I End?

I agree to hurt but i can’t kill myself
With the deep cuts and scars, im still breathing
I did once find comfort in the darkness within me
Now that darkness is all over, just consuming me
Im broken, shattered, scared. but its all just inside
Getting supresssed, the feelings just dont go away
The cuts, the scars are yet too deep
But the pain doesnt seem to lessen, doesnt seem to heal
And so i know i gotta rest in the dark
Until i get a way straight to the sky
Im not that strong, i cant kill myself
Could you just do it for me, please?


When It Hurts!

You just sit back, breathing. Resting your head to the wall, cuz you can’t rely on any shoulder! Every breath, hurts now. And you realise, this loneliness seems better! Better than the crowd, not the unknown crowd, but the crowd of your loved ones. Should you feel sad that youre all alone, or be happy for the same? You don’t know what to feel. All you know is, youre broken, and lost. Every little piece hurt, when you tried to join them. And now, it seems hard to smile! The happy mask worn outside is still stuck. But inside? There is no soul inside! Nor the friends you have could see that. But now, now you just sit back. While the pain is just growing in every breadth,its hurting so bad. And you just hope, every time you breathe..should be the last time you do..should be the last time you can!

The Girl Who Once Lived

A beautiful smile, that girl who shared
With the purity of heart, who always cared
The gal in which there was always happiness
Is the girl now, only filled with sadness

With a smile she wore, no one could knew
Deep inside, there was sadness that grew
The smile on her face was fading away
But there was a fake smile who would always stay

No one could see the unhappy heart
No one could hear her tearing apart
That gal one who used to love everyone
Is now that gal who doesn’t believe in loving anyone

The heart with love could no more care
The pieces of it were shattered everywhere
The eyes which smiled at every sight
Are now being filled with tears every night

For the happy outlook, people never looked in depth
That this gal had already experienced death
On her wish, she ran away
The gal who once lived, just died today


 With the sky changing its colour and each day pass by

Each bit of mine gets consumed by the devils inside

Where my feet once rested upon,slowly decends

And i go deep in, that dark den

Pushing away the crowd, that once sorrounded me

I find comfort in the silence of my depression

Once did the tears roll out along my cheeks

Now stay inside, living each day

Did the close ones once know who i was

Now i just remain a mystery, to myself

Struggled to get out, but it wasnt enough for me

With comfort,i could find happiness in the dark

And when my heart cried, searching a hand

Just then it realised, the depth was too much

And wen i tried to find the mystery of myself

Then did i realise i dont exist anymore

I Miss You, My Friend

I looked at my hands, they wern’t empty

Cuz your hands were holding mine, very tightly

I know you’re somewhere, very near

But i wish you were really here

Not that you left, not that we arn’t in touch

I talk to you everyday, but i still miss you so much

Not that we’ve stopped sharing things with each other

I just miss those times, sitting besides each other

I hope you could listen, i need you so bad

I wanna re-live the times we’ve ever had

Some time with you i just wanna spend

Cuz i miss you so much, my friend

Wish I Could Hate You

Teach me to hate you, and i will surely learn
Cuz loving you only gives me pain in return
Teach me not to care and i’ll learn it truly
Cuz im just used to being so lonely
Why do you care when you hurt me so bad?
Why do you make me happy but yet so sad?
Why don’t you just shoot a bullet right through my heart?
Youre just slowly slowly tearing me apart
I can’t deny, i love you
But i wish one day i would truly say, i hate you


Death is not but a destination to finish
Not a win, but a place to vanish
Uninvited, never have a choice
Death has a bad habit of giving a surprise

Lasting for seconds, remembered for years
Taking away a soul, gifting the tears
Taking the soul, leaving the body
Death gives a chance to everybody

No specific time, no planned date
Death is dependent all on your fate
Being young, or growing old
Death doesnt come after being told

Creating a wave of feelings in an ocean of words :)